Proximity Switch KLE 8 80x80 - 1NC


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1 pce.
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on application
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1 pce.
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Inductive proximity switch, positive switching
Housing Al, anodized, natural
Fixing mechanism, fixing screws
Voltage = 10…30 V DC
Switching currentmax. = 150 mA
Operating distance = 2 mm
Cable, grey, l = 10 m; d = 3 mm
The housings of Linear Units KLE have been prepared for installing Proximity Switches. Two special grooves on the open side of the profiles are used to accommodate the switches and cables. The grooves are sealed with Cover Profiles; the feed cables running to the Proximity Switches can be run under and are protected by the Cover Profiles. Breaks must be made in the Cover Profiles in areas where switches are located. The Proximity Switches are actuated by means of a switching plate that has two switching lugs and is secured to the Slide. The design of the switching plate and the two separate grooves in Housing Profiles KLE means it is possible to attach up to 4 independent Proximity Switches for referencing and terminal position recognition on one KLE.
There are 2 different inductive Proximity Switches (1 NO and 1 NC) for each size. The switches are clamped in the groove.
KLE 6 60x60: dmin = 80 mm+S
KLE 8 80x80: dmin = 100 mm+S
Note: The Cover Profiles must be interrupted at the locations of Proximity Switches.


Assembly instruction(410 KB)


3-axis handling - Article EX-01078

item linear technology can be used to design highly accurate 3-axis handling systems. Movement along the X axis is controlled by two synchronised KLE 8. Movement along the Y axis is controlled by roller guide 8 D10 with timing-belt drive, while roller guide 8 D14 with timing-belt drive takes care of the Z axis.

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