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Hinge St

Art. No.: 0.0.649.47
Hinge St
Hinge St
Hinge St
Hinge St
Special features:
Hinge halves, St, powder-coated RAL 9006 white aluminium
3 dome-head screws M5x8, St, bright zinc-plated
Hexagon nut DIN 934-M5, St, bright zinc-plated
Washer DIN 125-5.3, St, bright zinc-plated
Flat head screw DIN 603-M5x16, St, bright zinc-plated
Line   = line 5
line 6
line 8
Delivery Unit   = 1 set
Weight m = 51 g
Tools Order No. Quantity
Key with T-Handle 3 A/F Key with T-Handle 3 A/F 0.0.370.59 1 pce.
L-Key 3 A/F L-Key 3 A/F 0.0.440.73 1 pce.
Key Insert 3 A/F-1/4″ Key Insert 3 A/F-1/4″ 0.0.650.51 1 pce.
Ball-Headed Key 3 A/F Ball-Headed Key 3 A/F 0.0.370.58 1 pce.
Classifications are industry-wide product data standards that are used, among other things, to support structured processing in ERP and e-business systems. Do you need the classification data for all item products for your e-procurement system? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
eCl@ss 4.0 22041403
eCl@ss 4.1 22041403
eCl@ss 5.0 23250304
eCl@ss 5.1 23250304
eCl@ss 6.0.1 23250304
eCl@ss 7.1 23250304
UNSPSC 7.0 31162403
UNSPSC 9.0 31162403
customs tariff number 83021000

The universal Hinge St makes short work of securing doors and hatches.
The use of slots makes the hinge highly adjustable and compatible with Lines 5 to 8. The maximum opening angle is 180°.
The Hinge can be mounted on the inside or outside of the door (when mounted on the inside it cannot be unscrewed).
Hinge St is also available in black (0.0.373.82).
Note: T-Slot Nuts 8 Zn M5 are recommended for screwing Hinge St to the Line 8 Profile.
Note: T-Slot Nuts 8 Zn M5 are recommended for screwing Hinge St to the Line 8 Profile.
These attachment versions of Hinge St cannot be unscrewed from the outside.
F = 250 N